Batıhan Vadi Hotel




O’Garden Restaurant

“Gastronomic journey with refined tastes.”

Bringing Turkish and world cuisines together with signature touches, our chefs take you on an exquisite gastronomic journey. Our restaurant, specially designed for breakfast and dinner, provides an inviting environment for delicious meetings.

Radica Valley

“The best possible…”

Our steaks, prepared by the masters of the business, turn into art on your plate with the careful application of the ingredients. Our rich menu, which is one of the best examples of the fine dining concept, offers the best in taste.


“Impressive discovery.”

We invite you to experience the timeless presentation of wines with a story in every sip and a discovery that will leave a mark on your senses.


“A delightful western flair”

Rodolfo Bar contains details from a legendary adventure in its special concept. Enjoy the best quality drinks prepared with delightful presentations in a living ambiance.